Mission & Philosophy

The philosophy of Ullens Kindergarten has its basis in constructivism, a theory that emphasizes the child’s active role in constructing knowledge through exploration and play. By reflecting on our experiences, we construct knowledge and understanding of the world.

In a constructivist approach, teachers focus on making connections between facts and fostering new understanding as the children explore and play. Teachers tailor their teaching strategies to student responses and encourage students to analyze, interpret, and predict information. Teachers also rely heavily on open-ended questions and promote extensive dialogue among students.

We know that children learn best when:

Learning is child-centered: new learning is connected to and built upon students' prior knowledge.

Learning is active: students and teachers are engaged with real-life experiences and hands-on activitites that help them construct their own understanding.

Learning engages children in critical and creative thinking: students deepen their understanding through scientific inquiry, problem solving, making connections, drawing logical conclusions, and articulating their own ideas.

Learning is a creative and dynamic process: content reaches across multiple disciplines giving children authentic and relevant opportunities to engage with the world around them.

Drawing inspiration from best practices worldwide, Ullens Kindergarten offers an emergent curriculum of both planned and spontaneous activities, encouraging independence while presenting limits that arise from being part of a group. Teachers provide a variety of choices for play designed to encourage physical skills, cognitive learning, problem solving and independent thought.